The Fundraising Magic Show -

Traditional fundraisers like cake sales and sponsored walks can be fun but they're hard work!
There is a really easy way to raise funds without all the stress!
Jack (a.k.a Mr. Magic) has been professional Magician for over a decade.
In that time he has raised thousands of Euros for schools and charities with his Fundraising Magic Show.

How The Magic Fundraiser Show works

We put on a Fundraising Magic show in your school, for your school.
The show is jam packed with hilarious comedy and eye-popping magic tricks.
The children are asked to pay a small ticket price, typically €4.00.
50% of the proceeds go directly to the school, with promotional costs covered by us.

And the really good news ...

We do the hard work -
We provide full colour posters for the children to put up in the classrooms to advertise the Magic Show.
We give all the children prizes -
A Magic booklet so they can become Magicians themselves.
A puppet to make at home or in art class (both of the above come with online instructional videos).
We have full liability Insurance and police clearance.

Most importantly

Magician Mr.Magic will perform an amazing Magic show that the children will rave about for weeks! To find out more and read letters of recommendation from schools, clubs and charities check out