How to survive your Kids party !

Are you trembling at the thought of 20 little sugar junkies tearing around your house?

Kids Parties are want to give them a memory that will last a lifetime but you don't want to have a heart attack in the process! So we've put together a list of hints & tips from over a decade of experience in Children's entertainment that will save you a lot of heartache on the day of your kids party!

Click on the headings below for pearls of wisdom...

Pick a suitable date!

Don’t make the party too long!

Running a party in your home is no problem as long as ...

Clear away distractions

Drying props wastes time..

Make your Child's party easy to find!

Save yourself some money and a headache!

As the children arrive at your Kids Birthday Party ...

Take names and numbers..

Put the birthday presents away!

What to do with a troublemaker?

How to avoid embarrassing accidents ...

When serving the food

Forget about nibbles!

Don't order food to be delivered!

To avoid your little guests going mental...

When you’re sitting on the floor stuff can’t fall any further..

Wait until the entertainment is finished.

Your Checklist -

Things to Remember